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I don’t actually like Halloween. This statement usually gets me the most astonished looks from everyone age 1 month to 25 but for some reason, I’ve been over Halloween since age 12. That’s not to say I don’t like candy or I don’t like dressing outrageously from time to time, but Halloween just isn’t a big celebration for me.

My roommates, however, revel in the holiday, beginning as early as the start of the semester with ideas for a creative costume never before seen. Shannon’s aunt and mom are super into the holiday and every year she mails us decorations for the apartment and treats. Nicole’s mom also sends decorations. For that reason we have a glow in the dark spider, an inflatable black cat and a plethora of window clings, among other holiday decorations.

Halloween this year is a Wednesday, which meant that college students celebrated last weekend. Among my favorite costumes were Shannon and her boyfriend dressed as Minnie Mouse and Walt Disney. Two of the boys who live downstairs were dressed as Romney and Obama, complete with creepy masks.

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