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Hurricane Sandy

So, not terribly much has went on since Saturday night after my previous post. However, this is not entirely a bad thing consider all the rain and wind. On Saturday night, after watching a movie and relaxing for a while, a bunch of us played cards in the common room of Blanche, ground floor until […]

Sand(y) Storm

With the hurricane approaching it is interesting to see how a college prepares for such a situation. So far classes have not been cancelled (although we have heard they are in several areas). McDaniel’s news team is live blogging the storm so that students can follow along. There are also posts on facebook updating on […]

Heroes Helping Hopkins

We have reached that particular weekend day of the semester. That day when a car-full of us crazy college kids pack into a car to invade the local grocery store (and get attacked by girl scouts and their cookies), armed only with a list of ingredients needed and our wits about us. Who are these […]

Movie Time

So, I have actually had a really good week. Even though I have been recovering still, I am feeling much better and have been able to be up and about more. Anime Club, which meets on Thursday at 8:00, this week was a lot of fun and we finally decided on our t-shirt designs and […]

Intramural Sports

McDaniel College is home to 24 Division III athletic sports, all part of the Centennial Conference. But we are also home to 11 intramural sports that I would argue are just as competitive, if not more so.

Several of my friends play on an intramural football team. While they always acted intense about playing time […]