November 2012
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Planning My Future

I love travelling, I love looking at maps, and I love planning my future. That said, this week was fun! [Note: I have 2 sisters, one lives in Washington, DC, and one lives in Gonaives, Haiti.]

First, my father and I finalized my travel plans for Thanksgiving/Winter Break; they are awesome! My sister and I […]


I had my last badminton class just a few minutes ago. For the past month, I’ve been taking badminton three mornings a week as part of my Physical Activity and Wellness Requirement for the McDaniel Plan, our guidelines for types of required courses for all students here at McDaniel. The most common way to fulfill […]

National Novel Writing Month

I cannot believe that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is already here! This month (November) came so quickly, ending with the bang of the hurricane. During November many writers gather together to begin writing their 50,000 + word novels. This is no easy task, as that is more words than my senior thesis is likely […]

Why I am ridiculously excited for tomorrow.

While I would love to write about how great having two days off of school was (and trust me, it was glorious to be able to get sleep, eat, do my work and actually get to go to the gym for once. Glorious), it seems like nearly everyone else has already broadcasted that to the […]

Halloween Bingo!

I once thought that bingo playing could be lumped into the same realm as knitting, but as a college student with about $22 to my name the idea of winning prizes just for listening to someone call out numbers and marking them on my card is incredibly enticing. Therefore, when I read about last night’s […]