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Why I am ridiculously excited for tomorrow.

While I would love to write about how great having two days off of school was (and trust me, it was glorious to be able to get sleep, eat, do my work and actually get to go to the gym for once. Glorious), it seems like nearly everyone else has already broadcasted that to the world. So instead of talking about dear Sandy here on the Hill, I’ve decided you should get excited with me for tomorrow…

First of all, this weekend is Homecoming! As a senior, I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of good friends here at McDaniel as they graduated over the years. Homecoming is fantastic because many of those people get to come back and visit for the weekend! There’s the football game and all that fun where you get to mooch off people whose families are tailgating. But, for me the fun starts tomorrow night. It’s Friday! Since we got two days off school from the hurricane, it’s been a wonderfully short week (my senior honors thesis appreciates this fact), and I’m already ready for the weekend and a little more time to spend as I choose. Which in this case will be…doing research for my honors thesis, and hanging out with friends.

Apart from being the end of the week, which is exciting enough in itself, it is also another one of those great Friday movie-nights that OSE (Office of Student Engagement) puts on. This week, after the ridiculously popular Dark Knight Rises of last weekend, we get to see the new Borne Legacy movie! No, Jason Borne is not in it- but I’ve been wanting to see this movie since it came out in theaters, but missed it, and so now I’m really excited about the chance to go see it for free. Especially since it’s not out on DVD yet.

The other exciting thing after the 7pm movie showing is that there is going to be a clubroom in honor of Homecoming this weekend! Since McDaniel lies in the rather small town of Westminster, in the rather rural area of Carroll Country…we don’t get out much. This isn’t really a problem, since we have other things filling up our time, but sometimes, I just like dancing. Whatever kind. Clubs, salsa, ballroom, I just love to dance. Thus, the prospect of a clubroom in the Forum is always a cause for excitement here since they’re relatively rare and far between. It’s nice to have a place to go for free with a DJ and all your friends.

Last thing I’m excited about? I’ll get to sleep in Saturday morning. Always a plus.

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