November 2012
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Falling in Love…with the Library

It’s happened. The realization that in all too short a time period, I’ll be leaving McDaniel- graduating and hitting the real working world. But what’s been hitting me hardest this week has been….I will lose my wonderful library! In its honor, I wrote the library a love letter:

Dear Hoover Library,

I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to say this. It’s just taken the past four years for me to truly sort out my feelings. After all, our relationship has been complicated. Full of 5-minute dates as I rushed in at 10am to print out my paper before my 10:20 class- barely enough for a “good morning.” I’m sorry for using you- especially just for large research papers and group projects. I know it’s not fair to only come when I need to, and not consider you at all.

But it wasn’t all on my part- you’ve had your share of mood swings. You’ve been cold towards me lately. Freezing actually. I always have to bring a jacket just in case and my poor fingers are stiff from typing. Then again, you can also be really hot tempered- especially in the café. Why so many mood swings? Hot and cold, cold and hot? I just don’t know what clothes to wear are you anymore.

I’ll forgive you though, my library, because we all have our flaws. And you are a wonderful, rather large, independent library with so many interests! I love your random music scores upstairs that I can borrow. Your collection of encyclopedias and reference books (it seems like you know everything at times), the latest newspapers upstairs, the children’s books hiding away for elementary ed. class- and of course, your shiny new releases tempting me to pick one up and read. I can’t you know- no matter how much you might tempt me, I have to resign myself to avoid that particular procrastination pitfall.

Some of my favorite things about you are the beautiful shiny iMacs where I can work away, doing research with endless windows open at once. I love your peace and quiet, the productive atmosphere that pervades your being and makes me want to be a better student. I feel like we’ve gotten to know each other better already this semester- and don’t worry, I’ll be around a lot. Senior honors thesis and all that. So I’ll be around. Seeking out your hidden cubbies, taking over a secluded corner full of comfy chairs and a low table, and working away as only you can motivate me to do.

I’ll be spending lots of quality time with you this week, and this year- I promise.

Yours truly,


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