November 2012
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This was surprisingly my first year attending homecoming, even though I am a senior. I think I skipped it mostly because I thought of it as something for people who already graduated. While this is true, I had a great time this year, and was able to see a lot of my friends who recently graduated and were a few years ahead of me.

The reason I decided to go was because I have been getting more into football this year. Although the NFL is much more exciting to watch, I threw on my green vest and headed to the McDaniel football field (and brand new stadium!) It was cold, but fun, even though we lost – we have yet to win a game this season.

They had a tent put up specifically for alumni, and I saw people I knew walking in and out. It was great to catch up with people! It was also intimidating seeing so many successful graduates. I began to get nervous about my own graduation, and considering I register for classes on Monday for the last time this seems to be getting closer and closer. Despite my fears I was able to relax and have a good time.

Danger sauce also had a performance, and the alumni from the group were able to participate. Danger sauce is an improv comedy group on campus, and they essentially make fools of themselves in front of their peers for free (or sometimes for one dollar). I always love their shows and it was fun to see some old faces back in action. While seeing all the alumni at homecoming was intimidating, I feel a bit more secure knowing that I will probably succeed after graduation as they did, and I have a great school to come back and visit (even if our football team never wins).

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