November 2012
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Playing with Fire and Peacocks

I’ve mentioned before that I’m in the Ceramics class at McDaniel this semester- and this Saturday we took a bit of a field trip to our instructor’s house and studio! He lives about 15 minutes from campus, so a bunch of us all crammed into a car and headed over at about 12:30pm yesterday. The […]

Fall Visit Days

We’re almost done our Fall Visit Days for prospective students! Some of you reading this blog might have even been in attendance today or will be attending the upcoming, and final one next Monday.

As a student ambassador and tour guide, I love Fall Visit Days. I love socializing with prospective students and their families […]

Edgar Allen Poe

This semester, I am taking a class on Poe for one of my honors credits. On Thursday, my class and the other Poe class took a field trip into Baltimore to learn a little more about Poe and to see a play about his last few days alive and the mystery surrounding them. The first […]

My week: a combination of Jazz and Violins

What possible connection can a dance class, Paris between 1890 and 1920, Harlem, and my violin recital last night have? You’d be surprised.

This was a crazy week for me (resulting in far less sleep than anyone should ever have), but it was saved through a series of bizarrely connected events and discussions. First of […]

Last cross country meet of the season

Today was our cross country Regionals race at Dickinson’s cross country course in Pennsylvania. The course is notorious for its difficulty in the wooded sections during the middle section, but we had ran it before this season and have done a ton of hill workouts since we started training in August.

For two of our […]