November 2012
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Crunch Time

So, as we approach Thanksgiving Break, teachers are starting to get into overdrive, papers are coming due, presentations are occuring, and those of us that procrastinate even a little enter crunch time. This week is that for me. I have a lot of major assignments due this week and an auction and raffle to help manage and run each day. It will certainly be an interesting week seeing how myself and my friends, who are just as busy, manage to stay on top of everything and still have a good time. For example, we have several late night card games planned in order to de-stress. We are also planning to have a weekend de-stress day of video games, movies, and no homework come Saturday.

The auction is being held as a part of Nippon Ai. We are raffling off various gift cards and auctions merchandise in order to raise money for the convention we are holding this March. We have gift cards for Olive Garden, Roy Rogers, Sakura, Bath and Body Works, and more. We also have a bunch of different merchandise from a clock to a turtle from the Pottery Loft. The club is looking forward to the auction although it will cause us all to have a very busy week. The officers had a meeting this evening to work out last minute details and we are all very excited.

I am currently writing 2 papers, planning a presentation, and keeping up with all my weekly readings. It may sound like a lot and I will be busy, but it will not be near as bad as it sounds. My Poe paper is already on its 8th page and my policy memo, the second paper is about half way done as well. Plus, the presentation is not until Monday now because Hurricane Sandy got the class behind a day. I am actually really surprised because I expected to be more swamped but I am actually doing pretty well at staying on top of everything and have still found time today to relax with friends around the auction planning and the excessive amount of typing I have to get done. All in all, it should be a busy week but a good one and I am actually looking forward to the crunch time this week.


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