November 2012
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McDaniel Professors Rock!

I had the opportunity to eat lunch with a prospective student for a little bit yesterday along with a few other McDaniel students. When he asked us what one of our favorite things about McDaniel is, one of the first things we all said was the professors. And then we spent the next several minutes gushing about how fantastic they were.

Professors at McDaniel are truly exceptional in so many ways, and they’re one of the reasons I came here. Most of our professors are very well educated, but they are so much more than the degrees they hold and the excellent institutions they came from.

Our professors are wonderful because they care about their students both on an academic and personal level. They are truly great teachers and great people. One of the girls I ate lunch with yesterday pointed out that professors are almost always readily available during their office hours. But if a student needs to meet with a professor but his or her office hours conflict with the student’s schedule, the professor will schedule another time to meet with the student. Our professors are also very understanding when students have extenuating circumstances, and I know this to be true from my own experience. I had some hard times in my personal life last semester, and my professors were able to give me the flexibility I needed to continue to succeed in my classes while dealing with my personal needs.

Professors at McDaniel are just as wonderful outside of the classroom. I’ve had some fantastic conversations with my professors about things barely or not at all relating to any of my classes. McDaniel professors also enjoy opening up their homes to students for celebrations and fun activities. My First Year Seminar (FYS) professor invited my FYS to her house to carve pumpkins last fall, which was super fun! It was especially neat since some of my classmates had never carved pumpkins before. She also took our class out to ice cream a couple of times.

I’ve never had a professor at McDaniel I didn’t like. In fact, there are several professors on campus I like who I’ve never even had for a class, and if they don’t know my name (which many do), they still smile and wave hello in passing. McDaniel professors are truly phenomenal people, and I am quite fortunate to have them in my life.

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