November 2012
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Personal Victories

I’m finally home for Thanksgiving break, and it feels so wonderful! I missed my mom and my puppy and my siblings so much, and we were all very happy to see each other when I returned to my home away from McDaniel.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t have exciting things to share with my […]

Kickin’ it with my housemates

One of the best parts of college life is how quickly relationships form and how intense they become because we are constantly around each other. Though I only knew one member of the Spanish house before I moved in, I consider living here one of the best decisions I’ve made in college.

There are ten […]

Flamenco field trip

Each semester, the Spanish department organizes a field trip to Gala, a Spanish theater in DC. This past weekend, we saw a flamenco show! I was excited to go because the theater is in a really awesome part of town with lots of little restaurants and I had never seen a professional dance show before.


Cambodia Cook-in!

This Sunday, instead of thinking of turkey and mashed potatoes, my apartment was host to a Cambodia Cook-in! It was a fun dinner-fundraiser event through Advocacy Team, raising money for an entrepreneur named Rath who we’re funding a $350 micro loan for. The evening was a really fun event, but with lots of hard work […]

Fall Visit Days

So, I work with admissions and one of my favorite parts of that is meeting some of the prospective students. Today was one of the fall visit days and I had the privilege of working as a Glar floater. What we do is sit down, eat lunch, and just talk to and get to know some of […]