November 2012
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Fall Visit Days

So, I work with admissions and one of my favorite parts of that is meeting some of the prospective students. Today was one of the fall visit days and I had the privilege of working as a Glar floater. What we do is sit down, eat lunch, and just talk to and get to know some of the prospective students. It is a way they can get questions answered in a less formal setting and a way that the students who work in Admissions can meet some new people. It is a lot of fun and I always need someone interesting during lunch.

Today I sat with two other admissions people and four prospective students. At first they were a quieter group, but after asking them a little about themselves, they started talking a little bit more. They were from different areas and they all had different things they wanted to study – one was business and two were undecided between a few different things. Myself and the other two admissions workers talked a little about our areas of study and how we got into our fields, the guy sitting next to me was really interested in the fact that I studied Arabic, which made me happy because I absolutely love it.

They also had some questions for us, they wanted to know about the dorm locations and what it was like living on campus. They also wanted to know more about the local area and accessibility of clothing stores, groceries, and more. Overall, it was a good conversation and I feel that they got a lot of good information about the school; but so much more importantly I feel like we got to get to know a little bit more about them and they about us. I personally really hope to see the people I met today on the Hill in the fall and I cannot wait until the next event in which I get to meet a few more prospective students. I love it here at McDaniel and I hope someday they will too.

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