November 2012
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Yesterday I began my season of travel with easily the worst part: driving. Driving a lot. Driving in a small car. Driving at night. Driving in a car that was made in 1992. Driving through New York City.

Fortunately, I had my friend, Robby and my sister, Polly, and a bunch of snacks, songs, and iPhones. We found the most interesting route out of Maryland (27 to 30 to PA, 94 to 15 to 78 all the way to New Jersey). We left at about 6:30, hit some minor traffic in PA and finally pulled into my driveway at about 3:30 this morning! While the drive sucked, this will be the first Thanksgiving I’ve spent at home since high school. We are missing 2 of my siblings (and a sister in law), but we will be going to an old friend’s house in Lowell for the feast tomorrow.

In other big news, I secured my summer job already! In the past my brother, Salim, my sister, Keziah, and I have all life-guarded at a small pond just south of Boston, and next year I will be doing the same. The pond is located at a state run vacation destination that features about 20 one room cabins, none of which have electricity or running water. My family has been staying there during the summer since I was 3 months old. Needless to say, I know how to start a fire with just one match. I am very excited to work there again, but the main perk is that I can live at home, bike to work every day, and save my money!! I will be graduating sooner than I realize, and need to have something ready so I don’t end up in Mom’s basement forever.

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