November 2012
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T-Day is awesome. First there’s food, then there’s football, then there’s still two more days before I have to do any homework. Thanksgiving is like a mini-Christmas, and Christmas is hands down the best holiday (just look at the music it inspires! Unmatched!). Thanksgiving is the rare time when everything is looking up: the semester is gonna end soon, your family isn’t sick of you yet, and you have yet to gain 10 pounds.

Today I tried to decide which food I like better: stuffing or pumpkin pie. It’s impossible to choose! Stuffing is so delicious, just the right amount of moisture, some salt and some mystery seasonings, I could eat piles and piles of it. But pumpkin pie, oh pumpkin pie is just so smooth, sweet without being sugary, I could eat an entire pie with a spoon in about 4 minutes.  The only thing I’m sure of is that they both taste best when Mom makes them!

We are about to go to our friends’ house. They have a large family. They have three sets of twins, at least one child in his 30’s and at least five kiddos under the age of 10. Let’s see if I can name them, in order: Ian, Erika, Alyssa, Matthew, Megan, Kate and Mariah, Nate, Ben, Suzanna, (here come the little ones I can never remember) Caleb and Joshua, and Grace and Joseph! Whew, got them all (with minimal cheating). We have had a few Thanksgivings with them in the past, and there’s always something fun to do or some child to play with. Here’s looking forward to an awesome day of eating, playing football, and sleeping. Go Patriots!

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