November 2012
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Presentation Jitters

So, this is the time of the semester when all of your classes are wrapping up there material and many of them will be having student presentations. I have presentations in four of my classes and I know I personally don’t always like talking in front of a group of people. However, I have learned a lot about presenting in previous years and I am not too worried about it. Nevertheless, I have my usual case of presentation jitters.

My Poe Presentation was last week however, and I believe it went extremely well. While the work I had to present on – Eureka – is not one of my favorite pieces by Poe, it is still extremely interesting and has a lot of good information about it. Also, my class was really interactive with my presentation and Doug and I asked them some interesting questions and their feedback added a lot. That is actually one of my favorite things about presenting in college – a lot of the time, you’re professors allow you to include discussion as part of your presentation which can reduce the amount of time you have to talk for and also work to keep the class engaged.

My presentation for my Research Design and Methods class is on Wednesday and I do actually feel really ready for it. I have worked hard for that class from my abstract to the 15 page paper we are presenting on and I know the material really well. I also have my powerpoint all ready to go with a variety of media and places I can expand if I feel like the presentation is going too quickly. I am a little nervous because she has the class critique our presentations right after they occur, but I think it should go well so its not too bad and I am excited to talk to them about the research I have been doing.

My other two presentations are in Politics of the Middle East and Arabic 5. My politics of the Middle East presentation is about our final paper as well. In Arabic 5, our presentation is an 8-10 minute talk on a country of our choosing with no English whatsoever. It is next Tuesday – it will be challenging, but I know if I work hard on going through the presentation before hand and practicing saying the newer words, I should do well.

I am really excited going into the end of the semester and while there is a lot of work, I know that everything should go well.

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