November 2012
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Thanksgiving Dinner

So naturally I went home for Thanksgiving. Some of my international friends went home to host families, a few stayed on campus, and most people I know went home. Many friends go home to relatives if they live far away. My friend from California actually flew home, though!

Anyway, going home for break is always wonderful, even if I have homework. I had time off to see the movie Lincoln and I also ate a delicious dinner with my friends and family. This year we decided on Indian food as a theme, which is awesome. I love Indian food, it is actually my favorite, with Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese not far behind. Everyone gets to help cook a different dish, which is also exciting because I have never cooked Indian food before.

Naturally going home for break requires a few preparations. Students are required to complete a form stating that they have unplugged electronics (which is easy) and cleaned and thrown out all things that may perish over vacation. This ensures that people don’t leave anything wasting electricity or come back to a smelly room. It doesn’t take long and it is definitely helpful to have a checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten. I wish I had one on the way BACK to school because I always forget to bring something (once it was towels, that was bad).

The dorms open again at a specific time, and that is when people can move back in. Some people apply for special requests to stay over the holiday, or come back early, which is handled on a case by case basis by McDaniel staff. The nice thing about living close to school is that I have someone to carpool with, so I only have to drive one way. I love break, but I am always excited to get back to school and see my friends.

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