November 2012
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Thanksgiving Festivities!

Just like most people I know, I was very excited to go home for Thanksgiving Break.  I was excited for the food, seeing my family and friends, spending time with my puppy, and of course-shopping!  However, since I work in retail, I get to see shopping from both sides…being the shopper and being the employee that the crazy shoppers can sometimes be very rude to.

My fun with customers started on Wednesday night.  I went to work a few hours after arriving home, so I was already tired, but I was excited to see my co-workers.  When I got to work, I found out that I was going to working on special projects all night, in order to help the store make the transition from Thanksgiving stuff to Christmas stuff. It was actually a lot of fun, since I got to set up everything and make everything look pretty!  Plus, I got to bond with the new manager while we put up Christmas decorations!

On Thursday morning, my dad decided that it would be fun to clean up leaves as a “Daddy/daughter bonding” moment.  After that, I helped my mom finish cooking dinner and we waited for our company to arrive. It was really nice to see all of my family and spend time with them, since it isn’t something I get to do very often.  We had so much good food to eat, laughed a lot, and watched a lot of football (of course, watching the Dallas Cowboys lose was fantastic!).  After dinner, we had to take a break before eating dessert, which consisted of pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, and fruit.  Then, on Thursday night, my mom and I braved the crowds and went shopping!  We went to Target and Walmart and stood in lines to get great deals. We ended up buying a lot of Christmas gifts for people and we had a lot of fun.  Plus, it was my best friend’s first time going shopping on Black Friday (or somewhat Black Friday, since it was Thursday…), so it was a lot of fun to expose her to the craziness.

On Friday, my mom and I braved the crowds again and went shopping at the mall for a few hours before going out to brunch with my aunt, which is a Black Friday tradition! Then, I braved the crowds from the other direction when I went to work.  It was absolutely insane at work all day, up until we closed at ten o’clock.  Many customers asked me for my entire shift how busy we were all day, and if we were crazy in the morning when we opened at six AM.  While my day was crazy and I was exhausted when I got home that night, it was a lot of fun.  People watching on Black Friday is always fun!

Overall, I had a great time at home for the weekend!

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