November 2012
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We got an awesome break from final papers, projects, and studying: Tim Young, who has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and E, came to McDaniel to perform. For the students. For free. McDaniel has brought a few comedians on campus before (of varying humor) and every single one always starts the same way: making fun the corn fields they drove through to get here. Every single comedian. I don;t know if it’s a secret code among comedians to start by talking about the place they are performing, but they all do it. All of them. Every time.

Anyway, Tim started off unspectacularly, by trying to make fun of a few people in the room, but eventually found his niche: short people. He had an entire line of jokes about how a midget could never be president, and how a protest of angry dwarves (dwarfs? my computer thinks so) would just make people laugh. A bit of back story: my freshman year roommate is really short. Not midget short, but short, and he has the ego the size of Texas, which makes him seem shorter by comparison. So of course we make fun of his height all the time. Anyway Tim starts telling these short people jokes, and the whole place is chuckling but (my friends) Ryan, Becky and I are just laughing and laughing and laughing. I suppose he appreciated the laughter, because he just plowed on through. He then moved on to some other funny topics, but in my mind he couldn’t possibly top the dwarf jokes.

I had to duck out after an hour to go play soccer, but the whole experience reminded me of what my education really is. Yes we come here to learn, but we also come here to be in a great environment with other young adults. College is not designed to stress people out, it’s designed to help people learn. Events like school-sponsored comedians show me that McDaniel is not only interested in making us memorize information but also in helping us stay calm, relaxed, and laughing.

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