November 2012
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Scheduling Fun

Between all of my classes, activities, jobs, and other things, sometimes I forget that there should and could be time to just spend with friends. This slipped my mind, and I was feeling lonely, until I realized there was something I could do. So I decided to plan a party. My party is December 1st, a Saturday, and I decided to make a theme. I created my facebook event and picked out Harry Potter as a theme, I am getting very excited to see all of my friends tomorrow.

Even though I am busy I figured it would be great to unwind with people and spend some time away from cramming for exams. Plus this gives me the opportunity to bake some awesome theme food and play some fun themed games. I am thinking of playing “free the house elf” by trying to pin a sock into a house elf’s hands. For those of you who have not read the series, to free an elf from a life of servitude one must give it clothing. Anyway, I hope that people will come, play games, relax, bring food, and dress up of course!

The holidays are another great excuse for having a get together. Rather than just throw a random party, as I am doing, one can plan a holiday event. My friend is doing a gift exchange. Buy a gift (under 5 dollars) wrap and bring it. Have someone open any gift they want. The next person opens one and decides if they want to keep or exchange it, and so on and so forth. I am really looking forward to this as (another) great excuse to relax and spend time with friends. Even though exams are extremely close and it feels easy to get stressed and worried, there are plenty of things to look forward to, and if not, I can just plan some.

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