November 2012
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Tip From a Tour Guide: Here’s a Tip from Matt Love!

Tips from a Tour Guide

This week, instead of hearing a tip from me, I figured it might be helpful to hear from another tour guide.  Periodically, I’ll introduce you to another tour guide so that they can give you your prospective on McDaniel as well!

Here’s a Tip from Matt Love!

Year: […]

An Intercultural Case Study

As a culminating project in my Intercultural Communication class, we were required to interview someone who’s originally from another culture and have them talk about their experiences and compare their culture to America. After writing a paper summarizing what they said, we also were to present to the class about our person and their culture.



We got an awesome break from final papers, projects, and studying: Tim Young, who has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and E, came to McDaniel to perform. For the students. For free. McDaniel has brought a few comedians on campus before (of varying humor) and every single one always starts the same way: making […]

Papers and Projects and Presentations (Oh My!)

I love college and I love McDaniel college. But one of my least favorite things ever is coming back to campus after Thanksgiving break to wrap up fall semester. I have a lot of things that I need to work on over the next two and a half weeks. For the most part, these papers […]

End of the Semester Panic…Survival Tips

Day one back from break has been eye opening and somewhat fear inspiring. With only two weeks left in the semester, students can be filled with both the relief of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and the stress of the fact that finals are only two weeks away. Also factoring […]