December 2012
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HTML Coding and QR Codes

So much technology! Our final project for my Multimedia Authoring class is very intensive but so awesome at the same time.

In addition to coding our own website and portal pages, we are also required to code an additional site that will be linked to a scan-able QR code. That site is going to critique an item so the code will be next to it. I decided to critique the layout and design of Glar, our dining hall, so my poster with the code is going to go on the bulletin board right outside of it.

Both of these projects require an insane amount of coding with HTML and CSS. I am so proud of myself to have learned the basics and a little more in just a few short weeks. It is definitely addicting and a skill that I think will be useful in the future.

Besides using our books andĀ tutorialsĀ online, my professor was a HUGE help, holding a bunch of class workshops, hours in the computer lab outside of class time, and even coming to campus to help us on Saturdays.

While extremely time consuming, the website I created is going to be something I can use for life. I plan on modifying my site slightly and making it a place where I can put links to my work online and even my resume for future employers.

I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning the basics of coding or to anyone who is just looking for a fun class to expand their knowledge of multimedia. There is a second version of this course, which I am so disappointed does not fit into my schedule for the spring. I wish Dr. Muhlhauser had come here to teach earlier in my undergraduate years!

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