December 2012
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So last week I participated in one of my favorite events on campus, which is a show promoting sexual health education. Strangely this was actually tying in with what I am talking about in my history class and the sexual revolution. That’s beside the point, this has always been my favorite show on campus. Pretty […]

A Moment of Reflection

So the semester is ending very quickly now, the last week of classes is upon us and people all around campus are preparing presentations, finishing up final papers, and working hard to wrap up their classes for the semester. A lot of these have already happened for me, although I still have a few assignments […]

For those who love choir music around the Holidays…

Never fear because every year the McDaniel Choir puts on a wonderful performance of a variety of Holiday Songs. From Silent Night, to international Holiday songs, even being sure to include a few songs for Hanukkah, they’ve got everyone covered. Last night’s performance was very pleasant. Dr. Boudreaux, the director of the choir, has a […]

An Unexpected Journey to Denny’s

What’s one way to reduce some of the insanity that comes along with the week before finals? Drop everything you’re doing and go to Denny’s in the middle of the night!

This evening I found myself feeling cabin-feverish and unmotivated to do even more work. So when some of my friends showed up to my […]

Let’s talk about sex, baby

On Thursday and Friday nights, the student group Genitales put on their annual production of “Tales from the Clit,” a student-written monologue show about female sexuality. Students spent this past semester perfecting rants, thought-provoking arguments, and anecdotes exploring themes from busty girls buying bras to lazy boyfriends.

Dr. Raley, a sociology professor and advisor to […]