December 2012
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A Moment of Reflection

So the semester is ending very quickly now, the last week of classes is upon us and people all around campus are preparing presentations, finishing up final papers, and working hard to wrap up their classes for the semester. A lot of these have already happened for me, although I still have a few assignments to go, but it is nice to have a chance to breath a little. However, as we enter this last hectic week, I guess I just want to reflect on the semester that will soon be behind me.

A lot of things of happened this semester with me and I am really grateful for the people around me – I had a few issues with health and my professors and friends were wonderfully supportive and now that I am feeling better I can’t wait for the semester ahead. This semester really has made me realize how much the people in my life mean to me and how much we all rely on each other to do well here. I mean, yes, everyone is accountable for their own work, but sometimes it is easy to forget how much your friends and your teachers really do for you.

When my appendix burst, I acted foolishly. I knew I was in a lot of pain and that I was very ill, but I don’t like hospitals and I decided to just try and push through. If my friends had not been paying attention, I very likely would have died and that is a really hard¬†thought for me. It didn’t occur to me that it could be anything serious, it was just a flu as far as I was concerned. My own stubbornness caused me to lose more time in classes and such because normally it is a simple procedure but the time I spent arguing against going to the hospital complicated matters. My friends saved me and they helped me as I struggled to get caught up in my classes and to balance recovering from surgery and working. Even now, they still don’t like to let me lift heavy things or go to long without sitting down even though I feel fine. This semester truly has shown me how important all the people here are to me and how much I love being here because without my friends and my teachers, I would not be near as well off as I am now. So, I guess my point with this is, while I have learned so much in my classes this semester; I have also learned a lot of myself and the people here that I will always treasure.

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