December 2012
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The Week Before: Observations

Here is what happens the week before exams, from what I notice.

The Library – becomes packed. People are constantly studying, and the campus gets quieter. There are fewer people shouting and not many loud conversations. Everyone is starting to study.

Casey’s Corner – is often frequented. Everyone gets multiple cups of coffee to stay awake, finishing […]

Two Classes Down, Five more to go.

This whole week I thought it was Thursday. Literally every single day. Just a minute ago I was also convinced that tomorrow was going to be Thursday, until I realized that it will be a glorious Friday, and the end of classes before exam week! All that to say that these last two weeks of […]

Jazz Night!

It is with some relief that I find my to-do list getting smaller. Two presentations and a paper are done and finished! Unfortunately though, I haven’t gotten any less busy than before since I now have to do all the things that I didn’t do before because I was doing other things. (Did you follow […]

End of the Semester…Fun?

Last day of classes was surprisingly easy for me, even enjoyable. In my Spanish class I took a quick quiz on the final chapter of our textbook and then we ended up just hanging out and laughing with our teacher for another 30 mins before she let us out early. This was a nice end […]

Tip From a Tour Guide: Here’s a Tip from Lisa Vasapollo!

Tips from a Tour Guide

This week, instead of hearing a tip from me, I figured it might be helpful to hear from another tour guide.  Periodically, I’ll introduce you to another tour guide so that they can give you your prospective on McDaniel as well!

Here’s a Tip from Lisa Vasapollo!