December 2012
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Two Classes Down, Five more to go.

This whole week I thought it was Thursday. Literally every single day. Just a minute ago I was also convinced that tomorrow was going to be Thursday, until I realized that it will be a glorious Friday, and the end of classes before exam week! All that to say that these last two weeks of the semester have been a little bit crazy, and the days have all blurred into one giant sleepless mess. The good news? It’s almost over!

This week I finished out two of my classes: Ceramics and Jazz Dance, which are two things off my plate. I loved doing Jazz Dance- our instructor is really fun and we always learn something new in class and try to improve our flexibility. We were also given a fun challenge for extra credit: do a dance leap in a public place and record it on camera. I did it at our pool at McDaniel- which was hilarious as several people were in the water swimming laps and there I was spinning and leaping on the side of the pool. Totally worth it though. For our last class, we were all instructed to choreograph a brief section of “Don’t Wake Me Up” by Chris Brown and be able to teach it to the rest of the class. I loved getting the excuse to do some extra dancing, and it was interesting to see how different the dances were that everyone came up with to the same song. After a few last dances, we took our version of a final, which was a sort of mini-essay on dance: what we liked about it, what moves were definitely not our favorite and what kind of dancers we enjoyed watching. A fun end to a great few weeks!

The other class that wrapped up this week for me was Ceramics, although finals also continue into next week. It’s been a fun class, though a lot of work, and it’s pretty rewarding to see your pieces improve over the semester. As in a lot of art classes, our final was primarily a critique of the work we had done this semester, and the written notebook on our pieces we’d been working on. I went to my cabinet to gather up all my various pots, bowls and mugs to show to our professor and realized I made a lot of things! …not all necessarily good things, but a lot of things all the same. The things I’ve been making in the past few weeks: mugs, a teapot, a woven basket and a bowl all turned out really nice, so I’m happy to have a good end to the semester and be able to use what I’ve learned later on if I want to! Plus, all these pots will make excellent Christmas presents!

At the end of every class, you have to fill out a teacher evaluation, a process that you can just rush through, or genuinely take your time to give good feedback, which the administration and professors all genuinely read (they are anonymous). It’s a great way to let the school know about how amazing your professor was, or…how they may have missed the mark a bit and what could have been better with the course. I love that students are able to directly provide feedback, and so I usually take my time writing my teacher evaluations.

Despite being done with two classes, I still have five more to worry about for next week- almost there!

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