December 2012
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Dinner at McDaniel’s Own White House

Last week, I was invited to go to dinner at the President’s House, along with the other tour guides.  This was my second time having dinner at the President’s House and I was very excited to go!  Dr. Roger Casey, our President, and his wife Robyn were super welcoming to all of us!  Their house was decorated for Christmas, complete with a really pretty Christmas tree in their front window.  They were very excited to show off their tree,  because this was one of very few years where they actually put one up.  Considering they used to live in Florida, they said it was always difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when it was so warm outside.  They also usually travel during the Christmas season, so they don’t usually decorate.

It was a fun night to relax during the last week of classes with good food and good company. It’s rare that all of the tour guides sit in a room together and talk, since we all work during different times of the week. I enjoyed spending time talking to all of the tour guides, about random things on campus, classes, clubs, and funny things that we have encountered on tours. During dinner, we were split up into two tables, since there were too many of us to fit around one table.  Our table sat in the dining room, and we got to talk to Robyn while we ate.  She told us about some of her experiences since she has been on campus and about some of the traveling that she and Dr. Casey have done, especially during the Christmas season.  When we took a break before dessert, Robyn and Dr. Casey switched tables.  Dr. Casey talked to us a lot about things going on around campus, and allowed us to ask him questions about different things.  We were given the inside scoop on new developments on campus, which was very exciting, even though much of it will not happen until after I graduate.  The food was also very delicious!  We had  Mexican food, complete with Mexican salad, rice, enchiladas, and tortilla chips.  For dessert, little glasses filled with crushed candy canes, chocolate chips, whipped cream, marshmallows, and cinnamon were brought out.  We were all intrigued by it, since we didn’t know what else to expect, but then we all got hot chocolate!  I’ve never seen a condiment bar for hot chocolate before!  We also had warm churros with vanilla ice cream, which all made for a very yummy dessert!  I was so full when I left the table!  Of course, after dinner, we all gathered back in the living room for more conversation.

Overall, it was a very fun and informative night.  I’m very glad that I got to go to dinner at the President’s House again before I graduated!

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