December 2012
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Home at last!

After an exhausting finals week, I am finally home! I’m thinking that for the most part, all of my final exams and projects went well, so I haven’t felt the need to obsessively check my grades. Given the amount of time I think it will take my professors to calculate my grades, I’m not expecting them to be posted until Monday at the earliest anyway.

Looking back on my finals week, I’d say my proudest moment was finishing up my paper for Approaches to Everyday Discourse on Advice Animal memes. It was a fun paper to write, except for the fact that I pulled an all-nighter to finish it, and my presentation about it went really well. My professor really liked it and most of my classmates seemed to enjoy it too.

More memorably though, my suite mates and some friends and I took a few hours out of our evening on Wednesday to dress up (in suits and dresses) to celebrate one of my suite mate’s birthdays. This was the perfect occasion to come back to after having an evening final from 6:30 to 9:30, and I’ll remember it well.

It’s fun like that that makes me miss my suite already, but it’s so nice to be home! My mom picked me up on Thursday evening after my last final, and once home, I spent some quality time on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory with my parents, sister, and puppy.

Since home, I’ve been working on tackling odds and ends around the house, decorating the Christmas tree, journaling, and of course, sleeping quite a lot! I’m so glad to have a break so I can catch up on rest, relaxation, and reading!

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