December 2012
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Let it Snow!

It’s snowing here in southeastern Pennsylvania where I make my home away from my home at McDaniel! The ground and everything else exposed to the outdoors is becoming blanketed in fluffy snow and I suspect that soon enough, the tips of the grass will no longer be visible.

It’s apparently snowing in Westminster too! Even though everyone is on winter break, Campus Safety is still diligently posting to Facebook winter weather advisories and reminders for people not to travel unless necessary. It’s nice to see that Campus Safety cares about our safety and well-being even when school is not in session. After all, plenty of McDaniel students and faculty live in and near Westminster.

Since I pretty much won’t be going out today (except when my puppy needs to go outside–that should be interesting), today is a perfect day to start packing up my things for Jan Term! While most students won’t be returning to campus until the end of January, those of us who are taking on-campus Jan Term classes have to move back on January 2. This may seem really soon, but for the most part, I don’t mind it. Over the past couple of days, sitting around and doing nothing has started to become incredibly boring. I think I’ll welcome the change of scenery and social interaction of being back on campus!

Of course, I probably won’t do much packing though–at least not yet. Today seems like the perfect sort of day to get a bunch of blankets, stay in my pajamas, and curl up with a good book : )

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