January 2013
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I Make a Difference

I made a difference in the lives of other today, and while it was a little physically painful, I felt great contributing to such a wonderful cause! Why did I subject myself to pain? I wanted to give blood!

McDaniel has at least one to two blood drives per semester, and for me, blood drives […]

The Perks of the Meal Plan

Even though I was on campus during this past Jan term, I opted out of a meal plan in order to save some money. Though I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes, I did find that I missed going to our cafeteria, Glar, or grabbing some food at the pub. Now that the semester […]

My Jan Term to Italy

Jan Term was everything I could have hoped for and more. It was an absolute dream!

For 14 days, I explored all around northern Italy with 30 people, including 13 other McDaniel students, and some alumni. The class was photography and we were all required to have a theme to focus our efforts on something […]

I ❤ Day 2

Last night, one of my friends wrote “I ❤ DAY 2″ on the whiteboard on my door, and the idea kind of stuck with me (so much so that I decided to redecorate my whiteboard in its honor. It was also time for the drawing of the Christmas tree to go).

It’s been a fun […]

The Boy Scouts

I spent a lot of time over Jan Term doing my on campus job, life guarding. This has been a great opportunity for me to swim, which I enjoy. This year I decided to take on a new initiative and signed up for weekend life guarding with boy scouts. I usually don’t sign up for […]