January 2013
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The Puzzle that is Book Buying

College kids always look for the cheapest price. Especially when it comes to buying books each semester. I currently have about 6 tabs open on my Google Chrome. The school bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, CollegeBookRenter,, and Facebook. I always each each site and go with whichever has the book for the lowest price. In some cases I rent it from our bookstore, sometimes I use College BookRenter or Barnes and Noble. Sometimes it’s easier to just buy an e-book of it and put it on my Nook. Other times, and these are my favorite, I’ll know of a friend who took the class last time it was offered (this is where Facebook comes in handy). I can ask them if they have any of the books I could borrow or buy from them. Most of the time they at least have 1 or 2 which is good enough for me.

It’s always a puzzle to make sure you are buying the cheapest one and still not forgetting any of them. Then once you buy them all, they get shipped to your house usually one or two at a time because of all the different sellers. My mailman must hate me. For this semester, I had over 20 books shipped to my house, not one of them came from the same seller as another. Now I will have the great joy of taking them all back to school. Although, finally having all my books makes me even more excited about the coming semester. I can;t wait to be back on campus with everyone and studying the things I love!

Here’s to a great new year and semester! I look forward to all the challenges and achievements it will bring me!

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