January 2013
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Start of Semester

It is that time of year, the beginning of the new semester. Watching the campus transition from the Jan Term quiet to the hustle and bustle of the new semester is thrilling, and also sad. The nice thing about Jan Term is how peaceful it is. There is time to fit in all activities, you can walk the campus without running into anyone you know. There are also no lines at the pub, or at the mailboxes. It is simple. Now all of that is changing.

As people move in there are crowds, walking from building to building takes longer, and there are definitely lines. Picking up books at the bookstore takes time (good thing I did that in advance!) My Facebook newsfeed is also flooded with ‘moving back to Westminster’ statuses.

Here are some of my favorites

– For my ride back to school! (insert picture of delicious food items here)

– Heading back to school for my last semester of college, jeepers! (I know how that feels!)

– On this balmy day… I’m being dragged back to Westminster.

Most people get very excited to come back and see friends. While I am delighted to catch up with everyone, I am always sad to see the peace of the campus disappear. There is nothing like the quiet of Jan Term, that’s for sure. Most are happy to come back, but some (especially those who went abroad to warm countries) are not as thrilled to return and be greeted by snow. I for one just hope that this semester gets underway, all this waiting is driving me crazy. Bring it on, senior spring!

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