January 2013
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The start of a new semester!

While everyone else headed back to McDaniel to start a new semester, I was thrilled to see everyone back on campus!  Jan Term was definitely fun, especially while I was getting into the swing of Student Teaching, but it was a lot of fun to have everyone move back into my apartment.  However, the weirdest thing was that while everyone else was going to start off a new semester, I’m closing out the semester at my high school.  Tomorrow starts a new semester for my students, and because of that, I get three new classes of students to teach.  I’m really excited, but also really nervous!

As the semester starts, I’m definitely nervous about a few things.  The first is what every senior is feeling: the fact that this is our last semester of college.  It’s nerve-wracking, simply because I have no idea where I’m going to end up teaching after college.  It’s the first time in my life I haven’t had a long-term plan and it scares me, but it’s also kind of exciting at the same time! My advice to everyone: make the most of your college career.  I never believed everyone when they said that time would fly by and I should make the most of it, and I should have listened.  It definitely does fly by! Also, I’m nervous about making the right impression on my students tomorrow.  First impressions are important and I want them to like me! The first day of a new semester is the same for a teacher as it is for students-you’re always a little nervous about how things are going to turn out when you walk into a classroom. I thought that once I stopped being a student, the nervousness would change, but apparently it never goes away!

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