January 2013
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The Boy Scouts

I spent a lot of time over Jan Term doing my on campus job, life guarding. This has been a great opportunity for me to swim, which I enjoy. This year I decided to take on a new initiative and signed up for weekend life guarding with boy scouts. I usually don’t sign up for these hours, but they were posted in advance when there was no one on campus so I decided to sign up.

My first section of guarding for them was Saturday, and it was completely different from guarding for the faculty and students who usually swim. The boys scouts rented out the use of the pool for three hours. There were nearly 20 kids in the water at the same time, and all of them were young boys. Young boys tend to be rowdy, and cheat. They spent the time finding the way to swim the shortest laps possible.

At first I was a bit nervous being in charge of so many children at once, but once I realized their swimming skills were up to par I relaxed a bit. This week they mostly swam laps and used diving bricks to test their ability to get to the bottom of the deep end of the pool. I know nothing about boy scouts, so I am curious to see what other things they have to do in order to ear badges. Luckily I will probably find out because I am guarding for them the next 4 times that they will be using our pool.

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