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The Perks of the Meal Plan

Even though I was on campus during this past Jan term, I opted out of a meal plan in order to save some money. Though I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes, I did find that I missed going to our cafeteria, Glar, or grabbing some food at the pub. Now that the semester has begun, I’ve been using my meal plan pretty much everyday.

For those on the fence about getting a meal plan, here are five instances when our dining services really comw in handy:

1. Exhausted mornings- Whether I was up too late writing a paper, talking to friends, or just didn’t sleep well, sometimes I just feel like I need to kick start my day in the cafeteria. My staples are omelettes, which are served until 9:30, and coffee. I’m not usually a big caffeine drinker, but the combination of filling food and a cup of black coffee helps me get through the day when the night before was long.

2. Post-workout- I run cross country and track, so usually after a long workout I’m starving and not really interested in going back to my kitchen and spending time cooking something. It’s nice to have hot food on my plate when I’m tired without any work or clean-up involved.

3. Between classes- There are few things worse than sitting through a lecture while your stomach is growling. Often, I find myself with an hour to kill in the middle of the day, at which point I hit up Glar in order to make sure that I’m full, energized, and able to pay attention during class.

4. Themed nights- Typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays the chefs organize special themes for our dinner in Glar. The schedule for this semester has been posted, and I was excited to see some old favorites like sushi night mixed in with new themes, like a vegan dinner!

5. 11:30PM- You know the feeling. It’s late, and you’re craving mozzarella sticks. With our meal plan, we have meal exchanges that allow us to order food in the Pub until 11:30. Eating in the Pub at night is a great way to take a study break and catch up with friends after a long day.

After living on both sides of having a meal plan, I am definitely glad that I’m able to use one this semester. It allows me to eat with my friends and at times that are convenient for me!

1 comment to The Perks of the Meal Plan

  • Annie Brown

    Students who live in residence halls without kitchens are required to have a meal plan. It’s not such a bad thing–the convenience Amber talks about becomes a little more convenient, and eating in the dining hall is a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re a freshman. After your freshman year, you’ll be able to choose how big your meal plan is, and if you live in a house or apartment with a kitchen, you aren’t required to have a meal plan at all.

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