January 2013
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Exchange Student Roommate

My apartment is gearing up to have an exchange student from Brussels live with us for a semester. I’m super excited to meet her and see what she is like! I have always been fascinated with foreign countries so I hope all my questions don’t annoy or scare her. It will be a very French […]

Volunteering and Bingo fun

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one of the few holidays McDaniel students get off from class (though if you’re not on campus doing a Jan Term, you’re off for the day anyway since you’re still on winter break).

Though I had off from class today, I decided to make today a “day on” by […]

MLK volunteer part 2

The second volunteer opportunity I had was at McDaniel. It was a fantastic morning that had been planned since August. Not only was there a band there were also speakers talking about the march on Washington. Afterwards the children who attended did a service learning project.

The most fun to help with was the service […]

MLK volunteering part 1

I did two volunteer events for MLK day. The first was part of my Jan Term class, and it was in Washington, D.C. It was an excellent adventure. It took two hours to get there, but it was worth the drive.

This was a volunteer example of what happens when there are too many volunteers. […]

Super Bowl bound!

After a well-played game against the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Ravens are going to the Super Bowl!

While the Ravens aren’t my favorite football team (that distinction goes to the Packers), I’m excited because life on campus (once the semester starts back up) is going to be a lot more exciting!

McDaniel College and […]