February 2013
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Prof Picks a Flick

McDaniel professors seem to always come up with new ways to continue educating their students outside of the classroom in unique ways and “Prof Picks a Flick” is now the latest version.

The Honors Program was approached by Dr. Madsen from the Psychology Department and Dr. Raley from the Sociology Department to put this […]

X-ray Vision

I’ve decided I have a new superpower: extreme observation. Eye sight that is now drawn to the things I used to pass without a second glance. Starting to notice all the little details, the uniqueness, the artistry, and things that are just plain cool.

The cause for my new skills? Art courses. Throughout college, I’ve […]

Dinner on Us

Tonight, I got a three-course dinner. The best part: it was free!  Sodexo, the company that does our food at McDaniel has a new chef in the kitchen for the past two years: Chef Jamie. As a new idea to improve campus dinning, Chef Jamie decided to create “Dinner on Us” events each month. Essentially, […]

The McPlague

Starting around dinnertime and late into the night of Tuesday, Feb. 26, students found themselves battling for space in public bathrooms due to extreme flu-like symptoms. At 10:45 AM, a campus-wide email alerted the McDaniel community that we are experiencing an outbreak of gastroenteritis, a virus.

Though many students are sick and stuck in their rooms, […]

My Dream of Becoming a Tour Guide Come True

I think we can all admit to having a dream at one point or another in our lives, or at least something we want to do really badly. For me, ever since I began the college touring process I’ve wanted to be a tour guide. Something about the idea of introducing myself to a stranger and showing […]