February 2013
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Back to School and the Swing of Things

So, the first week back is officially under everyone’s belts and personally I am looking forward to the new semester very much. My classes all seemed wonderful, and I have no classes on Friday’s again, which is a nice perk. I am definitely going to have a lot of reading to do between my various classes, but I expected that before the semester even started and it is nothing unreasonable. Plus, all of my classes seem interesting, which will make the reading more fun.

My anime club meeting this week was wonderful and it was great talking to everyone about their breaks and just getting what is gonna be a busy semester for the club under way. We talked about the convention, anime club meetings, our new constitution, and more. We also talked about the possibility of applying for Affinity housing next year – we have a lot of service ideas that we want to get started and a great group of people with a good fit for housing. I don’t know if we will get accepted, but it is definitely worth applying.

I guess I am just looking forward to the semester a lot. Sure, there are things I am nervous about – like making the con as successful as possible and also just making sure I handle all of my work well. Myself, Phil, and our friend Probie are at his house for the weekend so that we can watch the Superbowl without it being quite as loud as it will likely be on campus since the Ravens are playing. It has been a nice day off, but I will be glad to return to campus tomorrow night.

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