February 2013
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Avoiding the muffin top

Now that we’re getting into the second week of school, I’ve already noticed a significant drop in numbers at the gym. Resolutions fade, the wind is blowing, and bed is warm. I get it.

In order to combat my natural urge to hibernate starting around Thanksgiving and ending when I can wear short sleeves, I put myself in a position where I absolutely can’t skip working out. For me, this position is the track team. I go because I love my teammates, want to stay in shape for cross country, and know that I will be held accountable if I don’t show up.

There are some people who have the dedication and drive to roll out of bed each morning, do a self-designed work out, and get great results. I admire those people deeply, but I am not one of them. If you’re like me, the key to maintaining fitness lies in finding what you love to do and finding a community of people who share that love.

Besides organized sports teams, you can find this community through intramurals and classes at the gym. Intramurals are offered year round, and I know from running by heated debates on the intramural soccer field that they take it pretty seriously. Additionally, there are all sorts of night classes offered through the gym that can help you add some regularity to your workout schedule. While some staples include Zumba and Body Combat, this semester a kickboxing night class and yoga class will be offered. Such activities require a fee, but it is much less than what you would pay at a typical gym.

Also, let’s not forget gym classes! We are required to participate in four gyms throughout our time at McDaniel, but I have friends that sign up for four per semester. What better way to hold yourself accountable for working out than to work out for a grade, right?

None of us want to watch a muffin top sag over our jeans as the semester unfolds. If you’re in an exercise lull, consider the various ways to get involved with an existing community of people like yourself. When you know that you’re going to see friends and improve your fitness, you have every reason to get out of bed and make that trek to practice, to the gym, or to the field.

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