February 2013
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There are eight social sororities and fraternities on campus. But there are also two lesser known service groups: APO, a service fraternity, and Gamma Sigma Sigma, a service sorority (although both are coed). Last night, Gamma Sigma Sigma held their Meet the Sisters event. Now I know, there are many reservations and assumptions that come with the “Greek” title, and I had many of my own. I chose Gamma Sig because not only did it look great on my resume, but it actually was a great deal of fun getting to know this wide variety of girls. My MIT (member-in-training) class even had three guys, the first in several years). But more than that, this organization is focused on serving the community through volunteer service for great local groups.

But last night was focused on getting to know the prospective, our future members and sisters. Yeah, that sounds a little cheesy, and even I was hesitant to go, what with the mounting homework teachers continue to thrust my way. The theme “Welcome to the Wild” had everyone dressed up in colorful and crazy prints, from pink leopard-spotted leggings to cheetah fur hats and every color of the rainbow in our Gamma Sigma Sigma lettered shirts. With food, snacks, and the latest top 40 pop songs playing in the background, students from all grades filtered in. A jungle path was laid out on the floor for interested students to walk along, with current members standing at each point to answer any and all questions. Afterwards, we played the classic “Rock, Tree, Bridge” for a little friendly competition. Conveniently, each team one once, which didn’t exactly appease my competitive nature, but it was a great way to end the night.

The great part about Gamma Sig is getting to know people from all of the nitches and groups across McDaniel Campus that I wouldn’t normally have gotten to meet. From girls (and guys) involved in other Greek organizations, sports teams, various majors, and a number of clubs, the people are all unique. I couldn’t ask for a greater college experience and I’m excited for our new members.

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