February 2013
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Staying Connected With Home

Rhode Island and my home don’t seem that far from Maryland and McDaniel, but 7 and a half hours driving or an hour flight are difficult to justify for just a short weekend.

For this reason, I usually don’t go home at all during the semester. For shorter breaks, I will go home with one of my roommates. Instead, I usually just wait until the end of the semester. Four months flies by in college.

Unfortunately, I am not very good at long distance communication either. But I have gotten better since I’ve gone off the school.

Neither of my parents are big texters, so I used to send my mom a few emails a week with my random thoughts, some which required responses, some which didn’t. Now she has an iPad so she can iMessage me and we chat more often that way. I still call the house every Sunday afternoon to talk to her and my dad and swap stories about school and home.

When it comes to my friends, it is easy to send them little texts every few days of things that remind me of them or just to say hey. I am not big on long texting conversations however, so we will try to arrange time for FaceTime or Skype at least once or twice a month to talk about things more in depth. With Twitter and Instagram it also helps us keep tabs on our lives.

Even though I miss my family and friends when I am down at school, it is nice to know that everyone is only a text or phone call away.

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