February 2013
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A New Motto to Live By

Today was a dreary, bland, annoying day. One of those days where you can’t think about anything except turning around and climbing right back into bed and sleeping until Spring. Personally, I’ve always wished that we humans could hibernate like polar bears from the day after Christmas until the first day that it’s warm enough to wear shorts comfortably again. We don’t hibernate though and the monotony of going to classes in the middle of Winter really wore on me today.

On days like this it’s important to keep yourself busy with little tasks because focusing on “big-picture” things is just not going to work. Me being the person I am, I never rember to do this. In fact, I was a huge slug through both of my morning classes. I almost fell asleep in my 9:10…but then again, State and Local Government isn’t exactly an action/thriller so can you blame me? Plus anybody will tell you that you can only listen to Dr. Smith for so long before you need a breather.

Productivity came to me unexpectedly when I returned to my dorm after my 12:40 class. I sat down at my computer and realized that I had a decent amount of work to do to fullfill my fundraising chair duty for my fraternity. I’ve been working to set up fundraising events with both B dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings for those who don’t know) and Panera, and I finally heard back from their manager and called to schedule a meeting. And in the spirit of productivity from that, I put together a plan for the Alpha Sig night we’re hosting at Players in Westminster (come to Players, Fri. March 1st for Alpha Sig Night) and while I was at it set up a job interview for a prospective summer lifeguarding job.

I guess what I’m getting at is don’t let a day like this keep you from being productive. On campus organizations, especially Greek life, are good for giving you busy work you can do to keep yourself in a productive and spirited mood. It’s currently 7pm and I’ve got my homework and one of my two blogs for the week done. You’ll find out when you go to college but that’s a great day in my books. Just keep calm and keep busy…a new motto to live by. Man I’ve just been filled with advice lately.

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