February 2013
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A great day for chocolate

Though I didn’t have a valentine this year, chocolate was here and everywhere for me this Valentine’s Day.

After I was finished class this afternoon, I went to my campus mailbox to find a lovely bar of fair-trade chocolate I had ordered for myself last week. (I also received two Valentine’s Day cards and a birthday card from relatives. My birthday is less two weeks away!)

On my journey to Glar, more chocolate came into my possession. I bought a pussy pop–a chocolate lollipop shaped like a vagina–to benefit the Vagina Monologues and their One Billion Rising cause. Since the Vagina Monologues show was last weekend, the pussy pops were on sale for only a dollar! I also made sure I picked up some Hershey Kisses from the Writing Center table outside of Glar.

Dinner was when the real chocolate treats began. There was a huge buffet table with strawberries and pineapple for dipping in chocolate, cupcakes (in chocolate and vanilla), Rice Krispie treats (which were not chocolate but they were read), and chocolate-dipped almond cookies. The most enticing and delicious dessert, however, was a rich chocolate cake. It was moist, filled with chocolate ganache, and covered with chocolate shavings. It only took one piece to fill me up, so it was good that I decided to skip dinner!

I actually haven’t eaten any of the chocolate I picked up today at the post office or outside of Glar, but tonight, I indulged in some of the chocolate that I got in the mail from my mom on Tuesday.

Since my waistline can handle only so much chocolate in one day, I now have plenty of chocolate to indulge my sweet tooth for a long time!

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