February 2013
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A Life Lesson

My education classes at McDaniel have always taught me valuable life lessons, but I believe that the ones I have learned this semester have truly been the most important.  Since I’ve been at Manchester Valley High School for my student teaching, I’ve really been able to find a new community to fit into.  I’ve been able to make friends with my colleagues and start to know what it would be like to be a part of an English department at a fantastic school.  While leaving the McDaniel community in May will be hard for me, it is so comforting to know that one day, I can find another community to fit into just as well.  This week has been especially trying for the Manchester Valley Community.  On Monday, we lost one of our teachers in a fatal car accident.   While this was a terrible time, it was touching to see just how the community came together to comfort everyone.

Today, I attended a memorial service at Manchester Valley for the fallen teacher.  It was a very touching moment, since it was fantastic to see how everyone could come together, teachers and students alike to honor such a great man.  I am so grateful that through my studies at McDaniel, I am able to be part of two fantastic communities Not only have I been able to learn the skills that will be necessary to help me inside the classroom, I’ve learned so many skills that will help me within a school community as well.  This program allows me to completely immerse myself into the world of being a teacher, with all of the good and bad things that come along with it.  This past week has been able to show me that everything I’ve learned outside the classroom is just as important as everything that I have been able to learn inside the classroom.  McDaniel really does allow their students to learn everything that they need to learn in order to be successful after graduation.  I know that what I have gone through will make me the best teacher I can be, and hopefully, the best person I can be, which I am slowly learning go hand in hand.

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