February 2013
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Bond. James Bond.

This Friday night was a blast. The college was hosting one of its Friday night movie screenings, and this time it was one that I really wanted to see: Skyfall, the new James Bond movie! I hadn’t seen it yet, and neither had some of my friends so a group of us decided to head over together. They were just getting out of a Dangersauce (campus improv group) show, so I met them walk over from my apartment. It also happened to be snowing the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen in my life on this particular walk across campus- it looked liked a winter wonderland.

Arriving to Decker Auditorium looking somewhat like a snowman, I saw my friends heading inside and went to meet them and get some good seats. The movie was fantastic. First of all because I didn’t have to pay anything to see it, and second because it was just such a quintessential James Bond movie with all the perfect lines, poses and characters (and gadgets) you could ask for. We had a ridiculous amount of fun- plus part of it was filmed in Scotland, which got me all excited having studied abroad in Glasgow, Scotland for a semester. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but suffice to say we had a great time and it was a perfect mix of bringing back old James Bond stuff and new adventures.

Cue the walk back to our apartments in North Village. We began to use the lessons learned from James Bond such as:

1. Trying not to be seen by others and ducking and running from tree to tree is cool.

2. While spinning in a circle with your weapon or amo of choice you WILL NOT be hit by your enemy: this resulted in a spectacular snow ball fight with lots of spinning and dodging.

3. Everything is better with theme music: leading one of my friends to pull out their iPhone and play the much-need 007 soundtrack to our epic fights.

Everyone else on campus may have thought we were crazy, but we had fun! Plus, back at the apartment we discovered an excellent nerf gun that had been someone’s Christmas present and realized that a whiteboard can become an excellent shooting range. We were so amused by all of our evening shenanigans that we’ve decided upon another 007-themed night/photoshoot. I happen to be in the Digital Photography class and I know I’d have a lot of fun shooting my friends all dressed up in suits and fancy dresses- with nerf guns and acting like spies.

Our friday night? We try to keep it classy. 007-style.

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