February 2013
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The Dreaded Group Project

There is always that one teacher that expects you to do a huge group project during the semester. And in said group, there’s always one person you have to pick up the slack for. Let’s just say I don’t jump up and down with excitement when I am handed a group project. However, this semester […]

Get Your Pancakes!

This weekend I helped establish and run the first Alpha Sigma Phi pancake sale we have ever had. Taking the idea from Res Life (Residence Life) and their pancake sale last semester, we thought that it might be a good way to make some money as well as get our name out in terms of […]

Goodwill and Westminster Fun

In honor of my birthday, my sister came up (from D.C.) to spend the weekend with me. We kept the Friday night calm, going to the campus showing of Sky Fall. James Bond will always have a special place in my heart, especially those played by Sean Connery. I grew up on these movies (along […]

100 Days

This Friday was the 100 days left until graduation celebration. Along with a free cupcake and pair of sunglasses I got a growing dread. 100 days! 100 days… well. There’s a good and bad side to this. I am so excited! I am also so anxious.

The excited side of me has a countdown on […]

What Is Love?

So this past week was Valentine’s Day, and this Saturday my cousin was married. This got me thinking a lot about love, especially because my class assigned a reading about monogamy. Many creatures are not monogamous, because it is a disadvantage, but love and monogamy are not at all the same thing. This week I […]