February 2013
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100 Days

This Friday was the 100 days left until graduation celebration. Along with a free cupcake and pair of sunglasses I got a growing dread. 100 days! 100 days… well. There’s a good and bad side to this. I am so excited! I am also so anxious.

The excited side of me has a countdown on the refrigerator. My excited side is planning out first apartments, pets, bill payments, and much more. I am thrilled to go out and use my degree for more education, a job, and life. I also am happy to leave behind silly mundane life such as meal plans and late nights in the library.

The anxious side of me is terrified. No campus safety and people looking out for me in the “real world.” I also am worried about finding a job, apartment, and developing a new lifestyle. I haven’t been out of school since two years old! On top of that how will I get everything done in just 100 days… 99… 98… seeing as the days don’t stop passing I better buckle down and get started.

The school sent us a list of things to do with our last 100 days of school. Maybe I will have time for some of them. Even if I don’t I am still excited! Nervous, but by the time I reach graduation the excitement will outweigh my nerves. I have places to go and once I graduate it will be goodbye Westminster and hello world! Or something like that.

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