February 2013
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Glarnovations: In which my lunch was delicious

This past week Glar, our dinning hall, has been up to things… New things- Good things! While my recent favorite options have been Mrs. Bobby’s mixed-berry salad, the make-your own pasta station on Wednesdays and the Mongolian Grill on Thursdays, this week has been full of some pleasant surprises.

Monday’s lunch was one of Mrs. Bobby’s famous hand-mixed salad dressings- I always go for the fruity ones, so mixed berry sounded delightful, and it was. It wasn’t until Tuesday that things really started to get interesting though…

Where the wrap station normally is a line of colorful squeeze bottles lined the glass shelf. A bright sign nearby cheerfully announced: Crêpe Station! Crêpes? They only happen to be one of my favorite foods. How they set it up was simple: choose a hot or cold crêpe, then pick out your ingredients. I went for a hot crêpe, because that is always more delicious, and chose to fill it with strawberries and blueberries. Instead of just heating them in the nearby pan like I expected, things got all kinds of fancy with adding sugar and liquors and other mysterious ingredients. Once everything was combined and the berries were bubbling hot, my server folded two crêpes and ladled the berries on top, adding a sprinkle of almonds at my request. Remember those squeeze bottles? They held all different kinds of syrups from chocolate to caramel, mango, raspberry and more. I went for a drizzle of white chocolate. The result? A delicious dessert that I consumed faster than I should have.

My blueberry and strawberry crêpes! (half with white chocolate sauce)

My blueberry and strawberry crêpes! (half with white chocolate sauce)

My crêpes!

My crêpes!

An example of what manicotti looks like

An example of what manicotti looks like

Glar’s second delicious surprise of the week was at Wednesday’s lunch hour. While that usually means I head over to the pasta station, I noticed they had swedish meatballs that looked and just sounded really good. Plus I got an inside tip from a friend that a professor said they were tasty. I got some with jasmine rice and roasted veggies to try for myself and noticed the usual pizza area was full of adorable, personal dishes of manicotti (stuffed pasta). Turns out, everything was delicious today! The meatballs were great, and the personal mini-manicotti was great.

Overall, kudos to Glar this week for brining in some new ideas and succeeding!

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