February 2013
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Gym Class

I always thought that with the end of high school I would leave gym class behind forever, but part of McDaniel’s liberal arts plan includes four half credit gym classes. At first I was wary of this requirement. I started off taking things that can only be described as easy credit. I took fitness walking, and I also took jogging. As the names sound these classes did not require much past participation.

Once I reached junior and senior year, however, more options started being open. There were fun classes offered that usually filled up quickly, but for the first time I was in a position to actually take them. At this time gym started seeming like a fun way to unwind rather than a dreaded chore. I looked through classes and tried to decide between things like bowling and archery.

So my senior year gym class what did I end up with? Fitness games. It sounds ridiculous but the word fitness convinced me. At first I was apprehensive, but it turns out to be one of my favorite classes. We play games that I used to play in elementary school, only now we are more physically capable. I actually feel good at them! It’s like going back to kindergarten reading as an adult, easy! We have played all sorts of silly tag games which, other than going faster, are pretty much how I spent my elementary school days. Right before graduation it is nice to be nostalgic for a good childhood game and actually have the chance to play it.

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