February 2013
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McDaniel Bucks

I have ten minutes between classes, and I am starving. I ran out of deodorant. I really REALLY want Coldstone. Take a second to guess what all these problems have in common.

They can be solved using McDaniel Bucks! When you have a meal plan, $50 is automatically added to your McDaniel 1Card each semester to use at both on and off-campus locations. Additionally, you can load money onto your 1Card when you spend it all.

Here are some more situations that can be remedied by using McDaniel Bucks:

You’re out of quarters. Many of my friends hoard quarters for when they need to do some laundry. This year, you can just swipe your card when you need to do a load. Students can also stop digging in their pockets for change at vending machines, as the 1Card is accepted at many campus locations.

You’re sick. Whether you need to pay for tests at the Wellness Center or pick up a prescription from CVS, your McDaniel Bucks can help you pay for medical transactions.

You want to track how often you hit the gym. Each time your card is swiped at the gym, it shows up on your online account. This way, you can see how active you’ve been throughout the semester.

McDaniel Bucks can help make everyday transactions easier, and options for using it off campus are continuing to grow. To learn more about the 1Card and McDaniel Bucks, click here.

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