February 2013
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Writing Time!

My biggest task today was finalizing the piece that I have to read for the induction into LIT, the Literature Honor’s Society here at McDaniel College. I wrote a poem for it that is called Nightwish that I really like. The idea actually started from the name I gave a club in the Vampire the Masquerade campaign I am doing with a bunch of my friends. However, I think the poem turned out nicely. Honor societies are a prevalent factor of life at McDaniel and they have societies for all kinds of majors and minors. Literature is only a minor for me, but I love it and I really cannot wait for the first few meetings of LIT.

Night Wish


A whisper in the shadows, eaten by the dark,

A soft sigh in the moonlight, taken by a breeze,

A deep breathe while sleeping, heard by no one at all,

A wish in the night;


A dream in the early hours of the morning,

Forgotten as time goes on;

A fleeting thought as they try to fall asleep,

Lost in hours of slumber;


A laugh in the silence, only heard by her lover,

A gasp of fear, only heard by a friend,

A splash from a tear drop, silent in the room,

A wish in the night?


What is a wish in the night?

Is it a dream forgotten in the lights of day?

Is it a nightmare, pushed out of your mind?

Is it the passing ideas that we so often forget?


A sleepy glance, as he drifts off at night,

A smile on her face, as she wakes with the light,

A look of confusion, as they look around with fright,

What could they have wished in the night?


A wish in the night is the plot of a dream,

A wish in the night is a brief instance of memory,

A wish in the night is the fear of a nightmare,

A wish in the night is the end of a story;


A final breathe, ending a life,

A silent sorrow, lost to the world,

A new cry, beginning anew,

A happy tear, starting again;


What is a wish in the night?

Is it a happy dream or a tearful sorrow?

Is it a thought in the wind?

A memory brought on by the rain?


Night wish is the sounds lost around us,

Night wish is the looks that we miss,

Night wish is the time speeding by us,

Night wish is the way to remember all that we miss.

That is the poem, Nightwish, that I wrote.

I also had a major paper due for Boukhars today and I was quite proud of myself for writing 10 pages in 2 days because before that I had been sick and just not really up to working on the paper. I feel like I wrote it well, however, so I was glad to turn it in and proud of myself for being able to get it done in time even though I missed half of my classes last week thanks to broncitis. I am also glad to see that while I have a lot of make-up work I am not too far behind in any of my classes. I really enjoy writing so the poem and the paper were not too much work at all. I am actually looking forward to doing a few more short pieces in the near future, mostly for fun but also just to have something to submit to Contrast, the lit mag here on campus.


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