February 2013
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Campus Employment

Whether work study becomes a part of your financial aid at McDaniel or if you just need a job to support that college lifestyle, there are many jobs to be found on campus.

Some jobs are reserved for students with work study. A list is published online, with information on how to apply, and it […]

A Professional Student

Anyone will tell you not to wear jeans to a job interview. Anyone will give you tips on how to write the best resume. But what most people differ on is the personality and attitude to enter an interview with. I always try to stay as positive as possible. I greet my interviewer as if […]


In order to get my visa, I had to get a checkup to make sure I wasn’t choc-full of diseases. When I told my doctor where I was going, he had only one thing to say to me: visit Bruges! And doctors can’t be wrong can they?!

The first canal we came to. It was […]

Brasserie de la Senne – A Brewery in Brussels

Last week the student volunteers at Université Saint Louis organized a trip to a local brewery for us exchange students. We met at the local metro station, rode the subway a few stops, walked for 10 minutes, and arrived at an old warehouse that was recently transformed into la Brasserie de la Senne.

Our tour […]

Table Sitting

One of the ways to promote a club or campus event on campus is to have a table in Decker. Decker is the heart of the college, the center that every student walks through whether it be a short cut to class, on the way to getting a meal at one of three dining options, […]